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    "We received our painting the other day. It is beautiful and we love it! Thanks and keep up the great work."


    Paulie Santos


     "I can't express how happy it makes me to have these three paintings. I draw inspiration from them, and I see something new each time I look. "Perseverance," especially, is a psychedelic masterpiece; within the confines of the frame are numberless worlds to be explored. Thank you."


    Jeff Lynn


    "My husband and I bought a painting for our mantel over the fireplace. It is the statement piece in the room and people have walked in and been awed by it. We literally get people saying, "Wow"! We were thrilled to find a piece that intertwines geometric lines with passionate brushtrokes and I love the hint of human form. The colors work great in our living space. I am impressed with Piero's work and look forward to following his career. I have been an art lover for a long time and was excited to purchase such an exceptional piece."


    Rebecca Jennings 


    "Absolutely love the painting!! We were especially impressed with the way you finished the painting with the resin topcoat. Thank you very much!!" 


    Katy Holms


    "I absolutely love, love, love your works of art Piero.BEAUTIFUL!"


    Elizabeth Miranda


    "Hi Piero. I bought "The Diver" and think its amazing. It struck a chord with me being an athlete. The painting is strong and confident. I like the colors and the movement. Thank you."


    John Brunson